WE hope everyone gets out and RIDES THEIR BIKES!

WE-CYCLE-USA helping kids and adults in need through the recycling of bikes

WE-CYCLE-USA helping kids and adults in need through the recycling of bikes

WE-CYCLE-USA helping kids and adults in need through the recycling of bikesWE-CYCLE-USA helping kids and adults in need through the recycling of bikesWE-CYCLE-USA helping kids and adults in need through the recycling of bikes

Contact us today to help recycle your old bike so we can help someone in need and keep it from ending up in our landfills 

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The we-cycle-usa story

Our first shop mural in Mesa 2010 was 40 feet long at the entrance to the shop


WE-CYCLE-USA was started in 2008 from the home of our founder Robert Chacon. As a Vocational Rehabilitation provider Robert started fixing bikes in his garage to give to his clients. Robert fixed and provided bicycles to his clients with disabilities to promote independence and enable them to get to and from work. As the years past, through word of mouth the demand for these bicycles grew, it became apparent that the garage was no longer going to be able to accommodate the future needs of this community. In 2010 we opened our first community cycling center in Mesa, Arizona. Where we helped the community fix, maintain and safely operate recycled bicycles. Through the years our community cycling centers have been able to teach bicycle safety, mechanical skills, and the importance of recycling bicycles. We believe by teaching kids and adults to recycle, maintain and safely operate their own bicycles, we promote independence, awareness and help the environment. Our latest shop opened on October of 2017, and is back in Mesa, Arizona. This time, WE-CYCLE-USA has partnered with CDP/ El Rancho Community and their residents. Not only have we been able to tap in on this brand-new growing community, we have also been able to secure our new facility with a 17-year lease at a significantly reduced rate. We believe this opportunity will enable us to do greater good for more people as we strengthen and grow our organization. WE-CYCLE-USA has worked with the cities of Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale and Peoria. Since the grand opening of our first bicycle center we have watched Arizona grow and embrace the cycling community through its expanded bike paths, bike share program and numerous community cycling events. We are very excited to have this opportunity, to once again work with the City of Mesa and surrounding communities. We believe that our mission to help people in need and promote cycling while being environmentally aware is right in line with that of the El Rancho community and the City of Mesa.


WE-CYCLE-USA has partnered with many organizations throughout the USA to share our love of cycling and promote the use of bicycles as a viable form of transportation. We are a non-profit 501c3 charitable community-based organization. WE-CYCLE-USA participates in cycling events for raising funds and promoting our community cycling center. Some of the events that we have participated in are the Tour de Mesa, Cyclo-Mesa, Tour de Phat-Tempe, Tour de Tucson, Gain Community Connection Fairs, GABA Tucson Bike Swap, Arizona Bike Month, Cyclovia Tempe. WE-CYCLE-USA will also be actively seeking grants and donations from organizations such as Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists, Arizona Bicycle Club, Thrivent Financial, The League of American Bicyclists, Greater Arizona Bicycling Association, Coalition of Arizona Bicyclist's, Adventure Cycling Association, Tempe Bicycle Action Group, Bike Saviours, The Mountain Bike Association of Arizona, The Young Philanthropists cycling tour, WE-CYCLE-Tour de USA, Fresh Start Women's Foundation, Boy Scouts, American legion posts, and bike shops throughout the valley as well as the community at large. We purchase a small selection of consumable bicycle parts that cannot come from recycled bicycles. This inventory consists of bicycle tubes, tires, seats, pedals, brake pads, grips, lights, chains, cassettes and locks. This merchandise will not be for sale and will be given to participants on an as needed basis while working on their bike in the shop. This center is not intended to compete with or replace local bike shops as we do not offer bike service and or repair for hire. We are here to assist the community and will refer participants to local bike shops when necessary. We are a fee free shop with no cash register no price tags and no paid staff. We provide a selection of recycled bicycle parts and bicycles to kids and adults in need. We get referrals from state and city agencies along with other community organizations. We are open to the public, so people can come in and work on their own bicycles utilizing our tools and help when needed. This program is geared toward teaching people to fix their own bikes and providing bikes to those in need.  


WE-CYCLE-USA Community Cycling Centers are staffed by volunteers. Our volunteers participate on days when the shop is not open, utilizing the center for training classes, bike safety and recycling of bicycle parts. We also do many outreach programs with shelters and community organization to help those in need. Participants are required to sign in upon arrival to the center, this will allow us to better serve the community and track our productivity. Upon signing in, each participant, will disclose their needs and a volunteer will direct them to the proper area. If someone needs a bicycle, we have an earn a bike program. If you are 16 years or older we require you to complete 8 hours of volunteer service (sweat equity) with our organization to get a bike. If you are 15 or younger and do not have a bike they may qualify for a free bike. WE-CYCLE’s bicycles are donated and are kept in original condition until selected by its new owner. Once selected each participant will work on their own bicycle and will be assisted on an as needed basis by a volunteer mechanic.


  • Work with participants 1:1 to maintain and repair bicycles in a safe and clean environment.
  • Teach and educate safe cycling practices, principles and laws to youth and adult participants.
  • Provide tools and knowledge needed to safely operate and maintain participant’s bicycles.
  • Make parts and materials available as needed to maintain bicycles for the community.
  • Promote the use of bicycles as a healthy alternative form of transportation, exercise and recreation.
  • Promote environmental awareness through the recycling of used bicycles and parts.
  • Promote the use of recycled bikes and parts to create community art and memorials.
  • Promote community awareness and team building through volunteerism and community outreach.
  • Promote independence, self-sufficiency and empowerment through the use of the bicycle. 



Are you passionate about bikes? Do you like to help kids and adults in need? Please let us know, WE are always looking for volunteers to help us in our mission. No experiance needed and we'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. WE look forward to meeting you and are excited to have you join our team!



WE could not do it without your help. Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

please contact us if you would like to help

We are alway looking for good people to help in our mission to help kids and adults in need


701 East Main Street, Mesa, AZ, USA

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Our hours may very throughout the year so please call to check  for any changes or holiday schedules.

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